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This Week’s Most Viewed Article (2021–07–25)

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  • Maven — a build automation tool
  • Build tool — programs that automate the creation of executable applications
  • CICD — Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery or Deployment
  • Artifac id — The project name
  • Group id — Package name
  • Version — a number given to a release. Different versioning formats are followed in the industry and semantic versioning is one of the famous systems.
  • Check out the official website on semantic versioning.
  • Snapshot — a view of the code at a specific time
  • Snapshot Version — latest build and version is appended with -SNAPSHOT.

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With what we see and experience in the industry, it is a big “NO”

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Why the answer is NO?

What is best Automated or Manual?

Well, the short answer is it depends on your requirement and priorities.

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Well, let’s look at what’s happy path?

  • User should be able to login
  • Go to Invoice section
  • Create an invoice

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Types of integration testing

  • Big bang — all the components or most of the components are combined and tested.
  • Incremental Integration
  • Top Down — top level units are tested first.
  • Bottom Up — bottom level units are tested first.

What is authentication?

  • REST — Representational State Transfer
  • API — Application Programming Interfaces
  • HTTP Methods — HTTP defined request methods to perform a desired action
  • HTTP Header — carries meta data about the HTTP Body
  • HTTP Body — carries the actual message
  • Idempotent — No change is expected/will happen in the server side when invoked even multiple times
  • HTTP Request — composed of status line, request header and request body. In simple terms, the client is asking a service to perform a task
  • HTTP Response — composed of status line, response header and response body. …

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